Folk Arts Program - Exhibits

CAMFA ExhibitPhoto Calligraphypanorama

Appealing Words: Calligraphy Traditions in Western New York brings together five forms of traditional calligraphy practiced locally – Western, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, and Japanese – and two contemporary interpretations of those traditions.


The Folk Arts Program at the Castellani Art Museum develops bi-annual folk arts exhibits, featuring traditional artistic expressions of culture in the Greater Buffalo-Niagara Region. As the only museum in the area that is dedicated to featuring local folk arts, the museum raises awareness of underrepresented traditions – many being exhibited in a museum for the first time. By collaborating with featured artists and communities in developing each exhibit, visitors learn not only about the tradition as a whole, but also the specific meanings and motivations held by an individual practitioner. Exhibits may focus on one folk artist, multiple artists within the same tradition, or related folk art traditions from various communities.

Past folk arts exhibits have covered a breadth of traditions and themes, exploring everything from the role of Tuscarora raised beadwork in contemporary community life, to the artistry of traditional food and transitional food customs, to the intersection of occupational folklife and folk art in a retired Aerospace technical designer’s work.

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CAMFA ExhibitPhoto Ebrupanorama

Ebru: Floating Emotions highlighted the ebru – Turkish paper marbling – tradition of three members of the same family, focusing on the layers of meaning created through practicing this traditional art as a family activity.