Guest Lecture: The Meanings of Niagara

Guest Lecture: The Meanings of Niagara

  • Location Castellani Art Museum


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Part of Niagara University's Vincentian Heritage Week (Sep. 25 - Oct. 1, 2022)

Throughout its human history, Niagara Falls has stood for a lot of things: the horror of the wilderness, the sublimity of nature, the power of industry, the scourge of pollution, the thrill of a honeymoon, and even the promise of freedom. In her book Inventing Niagara, Ginger Strand explored the history--both well-known and hidden--of North America's most famous waterfall.

In an illustrated slide lecture, Ginger Strand will take us on a wild ride through the sometimes surprising meanings layered onto the Falls, introducing us to mythical Native American maidens, double-crossing town fathers, fugitive slaves, unknowing Manhattan Project workers, missing pharaohs, and 280,000 radioactive mice. 

Come early to explore the exhibition Niagara in Summer and Winter, with a curator-led tour at 1:00!

Program Schedule
1:00 - Tour with CAM Curator & Ginger Strand
2:00 - Ginger Strand Lecture
3:00 - Book Signing and Reception