CAM's Strategic Framework 2025-2027

Castellani Art Museum has reached an exciting juncture in its institutional lifespan—a moment for powerful strategic growth through the development and implementation of a strategic framework.

To chart the Museum’s future course, multiple perspectives from the broader community, the Niagara University community, and the CAM Advisory Board and staff leadership were united. Each perspective added a layer of insight to the strategic framework developed and shared here.

The process started in 2022 with CAM revising its Mission, Vision and Values statements. Funded by a competitive grant from the Museum Association of New York, the process included audience mapping, stakeholder interviews, public meetings, and core team meetings. This initial process provided foundational insights for the Strategic Planning Process. At the same time, the Director developed a new Advisory Board of community members with significant interest in and support of CAM.

CAM’s leadership made a decision to focus on developing a Strategic Framework, allowing greater flexibility to address the rapid changes happening post-COVID in museums, the academic world, and with funder and societal priorities.

Strategic Priorities Summary
Based on the Museum’s needs and input from internal and external stakeholders, CAM’s Strategic Framework focuses on five key priorities, with multiple goals within those priorities:

Public Service Goals:
Increase and diversify program attendance, support, and income. 
Become a center of arts education for Niagara County school districts. 
Create and host diverse exhibitions that draw from our collection and outside artists’ work, reflecting the unique identity of CAM. 

Serving Niagara University Goals:
Become an essential resource for student and faculty engagement on campus. 
Continue to grow as a visible, valued campus asset.

Organizational Sustainability Goals: 
Expand earned income through increased visitation and purchasing options. 
Define and attain fundraising goals that are shared with and by key stakeholders. 
Maintain a positive work environment in which our staff thrive. 

Physical Plant Goals:
Stabilize and improve the building and collections storage. 
Provide amenities for a top-notch visitor experience through beautiful, welcoming facilities. 

Marketing and Awareness Goals:
Increase community engagement and elevate CAM in our community’s perspective.  
Establish CAM as a must-see destination, visible on an international level. 

The Framework also includes more detailed objectives, with specific tactics to be completed over the next three years that ensure that the goals are met. Measurable goals were developed as part of the Tactics for each area of focus. The Framework is designed to be a living, modifiable document, providing a path for success, with opportunities for re-assessment and responsiveness as appropriate. 

Explore the CAM Strategic Framework Overview: Priorities, Goals, Objectives


Advisory Board 

Henrik Borgstrom, Bekah Carey, Carla Castellani, Jessica DiPalma, Denise Gonez-Santos, Michael Hibbard, Ellen Joseph, Tina Mt. Pleasant, Susan Reeder

Ellen Owens (Director), Michael Beam, Ginger Graham, Edward Millar, Mary Helen Miskuly, Alyson Mitchell, Jess Minicucci, Evan Wright

Niagara University Faculty, Staff and Students also contributed to this process.

With the guidance and facilitation of Barbara Leggett of Leggett Consulting.