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Alexander Martel and Danielle Wayda install artwork for AHM 252A: Introduction to Museum Studies

Develop the skills needed for a successful career in the museum field at the CAM. We provide valuable experiences that will prepare your career and actively look to support student interests in the many hats museum professionals have. These programs are designed to be stimulating educational experiences with an emphasis on professional development through exhibition-based courses and internships. Learning opportunities can include:

  • Curation
  • Administration
  • Archives
  • Museum Education
  • Visitor Services
  • Museum Exhibition and Art Preparation

Students can join the CAM staff through internships, work-study, volunteer, or docent opportunities by submitting an Internship Application form.

 CAM Internship Application 

Learn more about what students have to say!

Raven Grant, Class of 23'
Since starting the Art History and Museum Studies major at Niagara, I have
learned the necessary skills required to work in a museum setting. I feel that the
program at Niagara has given me the resources I need to start my career in the
museum field. One of the best parts of this program is that you get to not only work
closely with the museum's collection but you also get to work closely with museum staff.
Raven Grant, Class of 23'
Phillip Avallone, Class of 2020
The CAM is an amazing, significant place... On any given day you'll see students working on assignments, touring with their classes or attending lectures and panels held at the museum.
Phillip Avallone, Class of 2020
Elizabeth  Gatto, Class of 2017
The art history with museum studies program at Niagara University is a one-of-a-kind experience that I can personally say has me feeling prepared and excited for my future career. This program has given me broad exposure to the many jobs that a museum can offer along with providing a strong foundation of knowledge on important artists, art movements and artworks. I’ve had the unique opportunity of working closely with museum staff as well as being able to learn in an actual museum. These are all valuable aspects that have helped me develop not only as a student but as a person and have me feeling ready for the future.
Elizabeth Gatto, Class of 2017