The Waterfall of Niagara-

The Waterfall of Niagara- , 1751-1770

Robert Hancock   —  
  • British
  • 1730-1817

  • 2006:001.019
  • engraving with hand color
  • London: Robert Sayer
  • 10 1/5 x 16 in.
  • Collection of the Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University, Generous Donation from Dr. Charles Rand Penney, partially funded by the Castellani Purchase Fund, with additional funding from Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lytle, 2006

The Waterfall of Niagara - The most surprising Cataract of Nature is 137 feet high

& it's [sic] breadth about 360 yards. The Island in the middle is about 420 yards long, & 40 yards broad at it's lower End. The Water

on it's approaching the said Island becomes so rapid as almost to exceed an Arrow in swiftness till it comes to the Fall;

where it reascends into the Air, foaming as white as Milk, & all in Motion like a boiling Cauldron: It's Noise may be

heard 15 Leagues off, & in calm weather, it's Vapors rise a great hight into the Air, & may be seen like thick smoke at 30 Miles distance.