Legacy in Pixels: AI Inspired by CAM's Treasures

Molly Passow (American, b. 2002) The Tapestry of Marriage, 2024 CoPilot AI Generator

Legacy in Pixels: AI Inspired by CAM's Treasures

Apr 29, 2024 - Aug 31, 2024


Legacy in Pixels: AI Inspired by CAM's Treasures
A Student AI Pop-Up Exhibition at Castellani Art Museum

Castellani Art Museum (CAM) is thrilled to present a distinctive exhibition showcasing the convergence of art and artificial intelligence (AI). Legacy in Pixels: AI Inspired by CAM's Treasures, a student pop-up exhibition. This exhibition features AI-generated artworks by students from Niagara University's International Marketing (MKT 325) course. These pieces draw direct inspiration from CAM's rich and varied permanent collection, symbolizing a fascinating blend of traditional artistic values and the innovative possibilities of AI.

These students' journey into the realm of AI in art began with a foundational understanding provided by a series of lectures at CAM, featuring prominent experts in the field. The insight and inspiration from these talks, which have already left a profound impact on the student artists, helped shape their approach to integrating AI with their artistic vision. Notable discussions included "AI as a Medium," led by digital art curator Eleonora Brizi and artist Anne Spalter, as well as "AI and the Art Market," with Sebastian Sanchez of Christie’s Digital Art Sales and Michael Spalter, former Chairman of the RISD Board. Watch the recorded lecture series on CAM’s YouTube channel here. 

Encouraged by these enriching lectures and motivated by the diverse themes present in CAM's permanent collection, the students have used AI to reinterpret these themes, producing art that reflects both the continuity and evolution of artistic expression. This exhibition promises to be more than just a display of creativity; it is a testament to the emerging synergy between time-honored artistic techniques and cutting-edge digital advancements. 

Castellani Art Museum invites art enthusiasts, technology aficionados, and the wider public to witness this innovative fusion of past and future in art. Legacy in Pixels: AI Inspired by CAM's Treasures, set to be a highlight of the Spring 2024 season, offers a unique lens through which to view the possibilities of AI in reshaping our understanding and appreciation of art. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting collaboration, where the boundary-pushing creativity of Niagara University's students will be on full display.

Exhibiting Students: Sunwoo Bae, Clara Barr, Anna Bodyl, Elijah Delgado, Abigail Dishaw, Ashtin Flores, Marland Garcia, Eunsu Gim, Jessica Hartman, Ngoc Anh Vu Hoang, Alexis Kadejo, Riley Leahy, Rhys Mandaville, Molly Passow, Sooyeon Rho, Frank Rotella, and Megan Smith.

Organized and curated by Ellen Owens, Michael J. Beam, Ed Millar and Jess Minicucci.