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The Play Illustrated: The Credeaux Canvas

Feb 13, 2011 - May 8, 2011


This exhibition was presented in partnership with Niagara University’s Reader’s Theatre's production of Keith Bunin’s The Credeaux Canvas, February 25 - 28, 2011 in the Main Gallery. The Castellani Art Museum and the Theater Department collaborate annually to bring museum visitors and theater audiences together through a unique fusion of artworks from the permanent collection and the theatrical performances of students.

The Credeaux Canvas explores art, love and faking it. Like so many hopefuls in New York City, three young adults (a painter, a singer, and the son of a prominent art dealer) are chasing their dreams and trying to beat the odds to success. When a wild idea emerges on how to make some fast cash, the three agree to do something that will change each of their lives forever.

Winston, an art student, shares an East Village apartment with Jamie, the son of a prominent art dealer, recently deceased. Jamie’s father disinherited him but he comes up with a scheme to recoup his losses. Jamie persuades Winston to paint a nude portrait in the style of Credeaux, a minor artist of the Fauvist school. Jamie’s girlfriend Amelia agrees to model. The plan is to sell it as an original lost Credeaux to Tess, one of Jamie’s late father’s wealthier collectors. The portrait is forged, the patron comes to buy and, not surprisingly, things do not turn out as planned.

The Play Illustrated: The Credeaux Canvas was designed and installed to complement the play as a visual narrative of the plot. The works have been selected from the museum’s extensive collection to illustrate each scene, highlight captivating moments and emphasize the museum’s exceptional collection. Throughout the play, characters make references to specific modern artists; examples of their work are also featured. The Play Illustrated: The Credeaux Canvas offers theater goers and museum visitors a unique blend of the visual arts and theatrical performance.