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Zhuqing Fucha: Continuity and Change in Traditional Chinese Painting

May 7, 1995 - Jun 11, 1995


The Chinese tradition of the scholar-artist had centuries of history behind it, and has remained very close to its roots throughout much of this history. Zhuqing Fucha lived this tradition, and played a large part in many evolutions the tradition underwent in the past decades. Raised by his grandfather, a scholar-artist himself, Fucha was immersed in traditional landscape painting from a young age. Through his life experiences, and study of both traditional and contemporary Fucha has come to introduce innovations to his art while keeping within the traditional framework. 

In cooperation with Fucha, Kate Koperski, Curator of Folk Arts at the Castellani Art Museum, brought Fucha’s works to the Castellani in Continuity and Change, an exhibition exploring Fucha’s works which merge traditional methods, images, and materials with more realistic representations, modern materials, and landscapes from places Fucha visited, including Niagara Falls and other United States National Parks.